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Dad, Husband, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and passionate Network Marketer. A former corporate America employee, Wallace Holyfield (Mr.I Can Help You)has a ton of relevant experience within the financial and marketing industry, as well as career in real estate investments. The opportunity of true entrepreneurship after being forced to leave corporate America on their terms positioned him to his true calling of helping others obtain financial freedom and teaching them the secrets of success.

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A loving husband and father of two wonderful kids (Dallas and Madison) Wallace Holyfield leverages social media to stand behind his companies brand  statement "Holyfield Can Help You" his driving force for his 50 Fathers & 50 Familes every month agenda. Teaching FATHERS How 2 Build & Grow Their Home Based Business By Leveraging Their Network to EXPAND Their Net Worth. Wallace Holyfield understands the need for and power in multiple streams of income. As a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, he believes in building wealth through teamwork while using his gifts to serve others and create a lasting family legacy.

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